Is only sunflower oil enough?

First of all I have to say that I’m satisfied subscriber of plenny shake. But I’m bit (maybe more than that) curious person.

My question is about ingredients in plenny shake. I’m watching some other brands in this field and for example MANA (which is local to me, so I know lot of information) is using completely different ingredients. What caught my eye was oil profile. In plenny shake I see only 1 oil - sunflower oil. And MANA for example is using 4 different oils (including coconut oil).
You promote plenny shake as “nutritionally complete food” so I guess that you have different approach. Can you explain it? Because I haven’t found any deeper information on that matter on website.

Thank you for answer!

Hey, the fatty acids in Plenny Shake are provided by sunflower, flax seed and soy flour.


Hi Itynk,

Joey already gave the answer in a nutshell, but to explain a bit more:
We have based our fatty acid profile on the requimendations of the report of the WHO from 2010, you can see the WHO report here.

To get the fatty acid profile correct, we use the fats from the soy flour (contains 40%! unsaturated fats!) sunflower oil (gives a lot of monounsaturated fats), golden flax seeds (provides mainly omega 3) and the oats.