Two questions that must be at least 15 characters. *sigh*

Hi there,

First: I noticed that Plenny Shake Wake-Up contains sugar? Did I read that correctly? And if yes. Why? And why not using honey instead?

Second. I see that the competition have these fancy-shmancy standard flavors like: Rhubarb-Custard, pineapple-coconut, toffee et cetera. I don’t suggest to copy paste, but when is my favorite food-replacement-company expand on the standard flavors?



Hi Berk,

Thanks for your questions!
Our Wake-Up indeed contains sugar, this sugar comes, for the most part, from our natural ingredients: the oats, soy and flaxseed. Only a very small percentage is from our maltodextrin. Those ingredients combined bring us to the total sugar contents of 6.1 gram per 100 gram, which is still under the WHO guidelines.

Well, say that we have honey instead of our current ingredients. We then still have to put “sugar” on the label since honey also contains sugar.

About the flavouring, yes we’re going to expand our flavours and product lines soon. But first, we will release a new Plenny Shake formula (and RTD?:eyes:). After that, we will work on expanding our flavour and product lines​:slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if you’ve any other questions.

Kind regards,



Cheers, thanks for the clarification.

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