Twenny Bar/Plenny Shake GARAGE SALE

Hi y’all! Tania has some products left over and would love to make somebody else happy with them.

30 Twenny Bars - Vanilla - 103g each
18 Plenny Bars - Caramel Sea - Salt 100g each
1 Plenny Shake Active - Vanilla - 2375g
1 Plenny Shake - Coffee - 480g
1 Plenny Shake - Chocolate - 480g
1 Plenny Shake - Strawberry - 482g

You can contact @Tania for the details <3


Tim, you are SO incredibly cool! :blush:
Thanks for that! :+1:
Guys, I can send you pictures and more info - let me know if you’re interested!


Hmm, no luck yet huh? :frowning:

I send her a message :slight_smile:

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