Twennybars TOO HIGH on fibers?

I was just looking up the nutrition for the vanilla twenny bar. Each twenny bar contains a whopping 9.3 grams of fibre.

Don’t get me wrong, fibres are usefull, but if I would eat only twennybars for one day I would eat 46.5 grams of fibre. I believe that this is too much and can cause a laxitive effect. Does it?

Im asking since while backpacking or camping I’m planning on eating only twennybars. Not all day every day, but some days it could turn out to be a day with only twennybars.

I just got my first vanilla Twenny bars today. ALthough they taste amazing, that high amount of fibre is a concern for me too. I think they’ll be great for a once per day thing, or if you need to down two in a hurry due to missing a meal, but having them every day seems like it would cause all sorts of digestive problems.

There seems to be three options:
(1) low in sugar, low in fibre, but more like cookie dough than a bar
(2) low in sugar, high in fibre
(3) high in sugar, low in fibre

I’ve made version (1) myself, but although edible, they’re not exactly something I consider tasty. They’re also not so convenient as you need some sort of solid container to transport them as they’re too squishy to just throw in a bag wrapped in plastic.

This post prompted me to write a review and use myself as a human guinea pig this evening: