Vanilla Twenny bar review

My first order for vanilla Twenny bars arrived today.

First impression
Very, very good! These things taste awesome and they have a great texture.

Reduced sugar
I thought with the radically reduced sugar content, that the bar might taste a bit crap and potentially be too soft and squidgy, but I’m glad to report that is not a problem at all :slight_smile:

Milk content
They taste very milky. I see in the ingredients list that they contain full cream milk solids. Milk products often cause me to crap my insides out due to the lactose content, so I’m hoping this is not a problem for these new bars.

The fibre content of these bars is very high. I suspect consuming a lot of these may cause some diarrhea problems.

Human experiment
Since I’m concerned about the ability for these things to cause me to explosively shit my insides out, I decided to run a live human experiment on myself this evening (perhaps this is just an excuse to eat more of them, because they taste so awesome). I munched down three for dinner this evening. If my rear end explodes tomorrow morning, I’ll report back here to let you all know :smiley: If I don’t report back here, then I probably died due to diarrhea, It was nice to be a member of the jimmyjoy-plennyshake community while it lasted :smiley:


Awesome! You will probably be my hero.

To put things in context I have these questions:

  • Are you used to a high fibre diet? (you probably are because of jimmyjoy-plennyshake, however I am not quite sure) If you are things will be less problematic (we will find out it less than 12 hours though) than somebody who eats a lot less than 30-40 grams of fibre a day.
  • How much fibre do you think you have eaten before the bars today?

Quick tip though:
Drink water (don’t be shy about it), or you could be horribly constipated (ironic, right?)

I will be patiently waiting for any updates :slight_smile:

Half of my diet is Huel (jimmyjoy-plennyshake competitor), half is “normal” food*. I sometimes substitute the “normal” food and Huel for the chocolate Twenny bars.

Both Huel and (the original) Twenny bars are reasonably high in fibre, but nothing like as high as these new vanilla bars.

I’ve had almost no water today, only two 330 mL colas and a Huel shake, so thanks for the prompt to drink more. I’ve been a bit lazy with drinking lately.

  • Normal food for me is mostly vegetarian, so probably higher in fibre than it would be for a typical meat eater.

My main concern here is actually the lactose. Since I could distinctly taste milk, I’m guessing it must have a lot of lactose in it. The lactose in the original Twenny bars already seemed to cause me some digestive issues, so these new ones, particularly with three bars in one go, may be a little too much for my chubby stomach to handle. We’ll find out soon enough though :slight_smile:

Hope you do ok with your experiment! :wink:

Mine arrived yesterday and I’ve just tasted the first one.
They are so far my favorite bar of the three. I don’t know if it was the reduction of sugar or the removal of the palm oil, but there’s some weird after taste in the other two bars that I didn’t feel in this first bar :slight_smile:

I forgot about the palm oil. I have no idea what that even tastes like.

Taste wise I probably still prefer the chocolate ones, but I thought those were amazing too. Unfortunately the sugar content stopped me from eating them every day.

Update for four hour mark: Stomach has some mild churning going on, but about the same as I’d expect for the original Twenny bars. I happily chomped down the original bars quite happily, so this is a good sign so far. Some mild stomach churning is not a big deal, just so long as it doesn’t create an explosive ejection of digested Twenny bars.

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16 hour report: I farted more than usual overnight, and I had some minor stomach churning.

Based on this, I will be chomping down a lot more of these vanilla bars in future. I’m somewhat regretting ordering so many chocolate ones now.


I await further results of this experiment with baited breath. :smile_cat:

It’s been 24 hours now, and my stomach feels totally normal.

I suspect if I ate nothing but these for 24 hours, then I would not be feeling too well, but I had the same problem with the original Twenny bars too.

If you have diarrhea, it will be because of the HIGH amount of glycerol and maltitol. Both of them are very good laxative, and I believe their amount in a bar is around 20%…

I had my first vanilla bar just now for bearkfast and I loved it!
I’ve never been a fan of vanilla, but this tastes amazing! I found it even sweeter than the other ones, even if with less sugar.
And it’s crunchier.

I hope they can update the banana and chocolate ones soon before introduce new flavours.
And for Tweenybars MarkIII, less or no laxative effect at all LOL… XD