Vegan plenny shake sports?

Hi all,

I am new to plenny shakes. I have been having one or two plenny vegan shakes a day (for breakfast and lunch) for two weeks now. So far, so good! I am also pleasently surprised at the level of the commuinity forum. Very smart people discussing interesting nutritional issues in well-informed manner.

I am vegan and I like doing sports and go to a very demanding gym (where we train very intensely). I first want to try and see if the vegan plenny shake is enough for a high-intensity training schedule. In case I feel low on energy, or in case I see the recovery time gets longer, I have considered trying the sports version. However, I noticed the sports version contains whey protein, which contains milk and that is, therefore, not vegan.

Are there plans to make a vegan version of the plenny shake sport?

I don’t know about the plans but the sport version isn’t that much different from what I’ve gathered.
The addition of creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, Acetyl L-carnitine, glucosamine sulphate for sure is nice but until they make a vegan sport I personally just add creatine myself.

What makes you interested in the sport version? (I’m still a bit on the fence)

Hi Lerkes,

Thanks for the explanation. I feel I have a good performance in high-intensity sports as a vegan, but it seems to me the muscular recovery takes longer. I thought creatine could have something to do with it, as muscular creatine is known to be lower on vegetarians (and I guess even lower on vegans). However, I have read it can increase body/muscle mass, and I don’t want to grow too much muscle. Also, some studies show there is no difference in creatine supplementation between meat eaters and vegeterian/vegans, which would mean I shouldn’t particularly need it…

Thanks for the link I did not know that!

In my experience in the gym training in the 8-12 rep range it adds about 1-2 reps per session per exercise for me which is great.
It makes your muscles hold more water which makes them look bigger but the effect is not extreme. I’m around 100kg and I gain about 0.5-1kg when I’m done loading creatine. Of course those are all SWAGs (scientific wild ass guess) from observing myself and stepping on the scale daily.

Creatine is really cheap and your bodys own production steps in really quick after you stop taking it so I suggest you just try it out and see how you like it.

I’m all for a vegan sport version too, but how about something for us Americans without glucosamine?

@Xeno_X are you saying there is no fully vegan version for the people from the US? I thought it was technically possible, but more expensive, to extract glucosamine from non-animal sources.

@HernanLG Whoops, no, I mean I want a sport shake (vegan or not) without glucosamine so it can be sold to people in the US.