Plennyshake Sport protein content

I was wondering about the statement on your Plennyshake Sport page: “Extra calories in the form of carbohydrates and increased protein content for you gymrats!”

When looking at the nutrional label, it says 26g protein / 100g - just like regular Plennyshake. Is that a misprint on the nutrional info? If not, I think it’s a bit misleading - though it would be true that there is more protein in one bag of sport compared to one bag of ordinary plennyshake, the contents per 100g is still the same :slight_smile:

Other than that, I love that you added the creatine, beta alanine, gluco samine etc. Makes mixing my shake even more simple, though I do wish you’d increase the amount of protein per 100g (assuming it’s not a misprint)

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Are you sure you read the correct label? As far as I know the Sports version comes in a regular bag for Banana but with a white nutrition label printed over it. It also features the Plennyshake Sports sticker on the front. Perhaps they forgot to stick the white label on your bag(s)?

I’m referring to the PDF documents on your site. For normal plennyshake, it’s listed as:

For Plennyshake sport, it’s listed as:

Both are 26g protein per 100g


I just realized the reason for the difference: there is more powder per bag of Plennyshake Sport instead of regular. You will therefore consume more proteins per day while obtaining the same amounts of other ingredients (as their content is less per 100 g).