No real difference between the Regular and Sport?


So I’ve been enjoying “■■■■■■■” or “Jimmy Joy” or “Plenny Shake” or whatever you’re calling it this month, for the past half year. Bought a 30-bag pack and now I’m up for another batch! I’m normally having about 2/3 of a bag or 2 shakes every day in addition to normal food.

Been increasing workouts as a hardgainer and for this batch I was thinking of the “Sport” bags, thinking it would be a more optimised blend with higher calories and protein (kind of like a “mass gainer”), but turns out it’s basically the same as the regular one, in a slightly bigger bag?

Comparing 100g of each, both have 26g protein (advertised only on the “sport” page as having 26g protein, which is hilarious. “Extra calories in the form of carbohydrates and increased protein content for you gym rats!” is just flat out lies and false advertising, the regular actually has slightly MORE carbs and calories (48g vs 51g, 392kcal vs 407kcal) and the SAME protein content), and carbs, fat and fiber content is basically the same, within a few percent (48g vs 51g (lol), 9,1g vs 10g, 6,4g vs 6g), as well as all minerals and vitamins being the same. The Sport has more salt. (Yay?)

The Sport costs €0,98 per 100g, the Regular costs €0,95 per 100g using 30-bag pricing.

The Sport has only Banana flavour.

All of this is using the PDF nutrition facts and the descriptions provided on the Plenny shake and Plenny shake sport pages.

Why does the Sport exist at all, am I missing something?

Normally I’d just compare and make an informed choice, but I felt the need to make a post about this because flat out false information in descriptions and names of products hiding the actual opposing information in the nutritional information makes me angry.

I like the product though.


I think the idea is that for sport, they lowered the vitamin and mineral content. This means in order to hit 100% daily on vitamin and minerals, you’d need to eat more grams of sport compared to regular plenny shake.

The instructions say you need 666g daily for sport to hit 100% vitamins and minerals. For regular, you only need 525g daily to hit 100% on the vitamins and minerals.

So you need to eat more grams per day of sport in order to hit 100% vitamins and minerals, which has the result of giving you more protein and carbs than if you were to eat enough regular plenny shake to hit 100%.

Hmm, yes you’re right. I didn’t compare vitamins and minerals per 100g. My bad. But that’s pretty irrelevant, getting a bit more than RDI is not dangerous and might even be beneficial. You’re getting about 20% more then, in regular. There are supplements with hundreds to thousands of percent of RDI for certain vitamins and minerals and it’s shown not to be toxic even in those higher doses (of course, mostly useless), but I doubt hitting 100% RDI would be discouraging?

Hello Mattist!

Thank you for the comments! i’m currently working on revisiting the sport version, so your post really helps me out! But what is different in the sport version you ask?
We add extra ingredients: half of the carbs are maize starch giving a slower glucose uptake for better energy regulation. Next to that we add: creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, glucosamine sulfate, acetyl L-carnitine; these compounds enhance the sport performance!

As for the maconutrition balance, i’m planning to increase the proteins (and BCAA), get the vitamins and minerals correct and make a pre- and after workout versions.

<3 Karel


Howdy guys, I’ll warm up this topic…

@karel, any updates on the revisited Sport version?

I’m currently using Sport before going to the gym in the morning – would you still recommend having a protein shake right after? Is Sport meant to be for “active people” in general, or specifically around your workout times?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hey @fjab01

Yes they new formula for the sport version has been completed. I can’t yet tell when its gone be released but somewhere this year. Stay tuned!

As for using it after work out, the product is still advisable to use after sporting, it helps with recovery of the muscles.

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Cool, thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Sure, but instead of / in addition to a regular after-workout protein shake?

@karel can you please let me know the amount of creatine in the sport version? I am now considering ordering one but I am afraid of gaining weight (due to water retention tied with using creatine monohydrate) as I am doing a sport where power-weight ration is crucial (climbing).

The regular also works as a good after workout shake, but the sport has some sport enhancing supplements to it.

Hey Andreasgree,

(I’m also a climber! Nice to find some fellow climbers on this forum)

One bag of sport contains 5 gram of creatine