Way to no longer receive new scoops and/or booklets with every delivery?

A friend of mine and myself as well both get a new scoop and/or a booklet with every delivery, I have 3 scoops so far and so do they. Is there any reason to prevent this as it seems pretty wasteful to keep getting more scoops?

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Hey Zowie,

if you send us an email, we will add a note to your account to not send you any booklets and/or scoops anymore!
It’s not foolproof already, meaning that sometimes it can go unnoticed by the packing crew, but we try to not add them anymore when we see the note!


Hey there,

I have done exactly this, but never got an answer to my email and for sure got another two scoops and two booklets.

As one of my main reasons for choosing JJ is your claim to be sustainable I start doubting how serious you are about that.

In another post about spillage it was argued by JJ that additional paper packaging of portions within the Plenny Shake package would be more unnecessary waste. Which by the way I would strongly agree with. But at the same time JJ is selling RTD Tetrapak packaged products with all the additional weight of water and - as far as I can tell - even worse packaging than the Plenny Shake packaging made from layered PE and PET. So how serious are you about sustainability?

But back to topic:
Should I write another email to not receive more unnecessary waste?

Maybe you want to add a box to your ordering form where one can put such additional infos? Or even a checkbox for scoop and booklet?

Please don’t make me search for another product as I am very happy so far with Plenny Shake! :slight_smile:

thanks for caring

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Hi @onk I understand your concerns, but it’s a hard thing to balance sustainability with a good consumer price as well as product development. We want to be able to sell our products as sustainable as possible without having to charge unaffordable prices. I think that within those parameters we do a good job, we use recyclable packaging materials whenever possible and we compensate for co2 emission. Unfortunately there’s only so much you can do when you ship food products products all over the world!

(If you’re curious about Tetrapak’s mission regarding sustainability, check out this page: https://www.tetrapak.com/sustainability/recycling)

As for the booklets and scoop etc., so sorry that we missed your email! Please email us again at love@jimmyjoy.com so we can try to prevent unnecessary stuff being sent to you :slight_smile:

Hey! We’re working on a solution but it has some technical challenges :slight_smile: Hopefully this will be a thing of the past soon!

Please let us know when, because I too tried this and was told it’s technically not possible right now. The exact reason eludes me (it’s all packaged in-house, isn’t it?) but I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

On that note, what about these promised new Plenny Bar flavours? =)

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Will do!

Regarding the Plenny Bars: Chocolate is up next and we’re almost going into our first production run :wink:

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I just got an email from JJ and the answer to the question is simply:
There is no way, at least for now …

From JJ: “I wish I could make a note of it and prevent it from happening but currently the policy is to add a scoop to every order. I’m honestly not sure why, but apparently it’s rather difficult to differentiate between orders that need one and orders that don’t. So sorry :frowning: Hopefully we’ll be able to fix this soon.”

Not sure why I have to put that here and not JJ themselves.

Hey Onk,

since the process is automated, we do not have a fail safe way to make sure you’ll never get a scoop anymore. We’re currently looking into a few options and will implement them as soon as possible. For now we try to keep the scoops and booklets out by hand

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we have found a workaround for this. A free shaker & scoop is now automatically added to the cart (scoop only with shakes), which you can easily remove if unwanted!


Well done guys! clap clap :slight_smile:

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