We turned 6 today! Give away time! :-D

Hi guys, so we are turning 6 years today! Time flies!

We will celebrate this day with a ‘GIFTAWAY’ (39 meal box containing our newest products!)

:tada: 12 Plenny Bars v2.0 Chocolate
:tada: 12 Plenny Bars v2.0 Vanilla
:tada: 1 Plenny Shake v2.1 Chocolate
:tada: 8-pack Plenny Drink v2.0 Vanilla
:question: 2 unreleased Plenny Bar v2.0 flavours!

:trophy: Sooo what should you do to WIN?

1. Like the social media post on Instagram
2. Tag a friend in the comments (make sure you both follow us)
3. You both are now in the competition to win the GIFTAWAY BOX!


:trophy: The contest will take place on Instagram. We will announce the winner on June 12th in our stories, so stay tuned!