Website/account feature request: see shipment tracking information from My Orders

Especially since I only received that information once in an email.

You can track your package through link in the email we sent you :slight_smile:

I mentioned the email in my post. What do you think about the feature request?

Ah, right! You’re supposed to be able to see these statusupdates of your package when you log in on our website too actually- don’t they show?

I can see whether it’s in transit, delivered, etc., but there is no tracking number or URL to the website where that tracking number is useful.

The tracking link actually shows the exact same statusupdates as is shown in your order history :slight_smile: perhaps we can add the actual link to the order in the future though!

I;m referring to the tracking number with the shipping company used in my country. I received that information in email, but it’s no t part of the order information/history in my account on this website.

Which country did you order to? :slight_smile:

United States.

Extra words so I can reply.

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