Weight lifting / Bodybuilding and Jimmy Joy

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has made experiences with consuming Jimmy Joy and bodybuilding/ weight lifting / any other strength training?

I see most of the bodybuilding folks are very adamant about their whole food and natural diet stuff, but i imagine it would be very easy to count calories, protein and fat with Jimmy Joy and cheap and quick as well to eat more than the average guy.

Post your stories :slight_smile:


I do weight lifting 3 times a week, and for me one meal of regular Jimmy Joy a day + a (natural) high-protein diet is enough for me. But that is because I don’t weigh that much, since I’m quite short for a guy, and I don’t exercise almost every day like some others do. And I think it’s going well, or at least it was before I had to lay off exercising for 6 weeks :sweat: . I think it has been a bit over 3/4 of a year of weightlifting and before the break I was squatting 60kg (4kg under my body weight :smiley: ) in 5 sets of 5 reps.

Jimmy Joy for me definitely helps reaching a good amount of protein per day, but I can imagine that for someone with a higher lean body weight, regular Jimmy Joy isn’t enough (though I think Jimmy Joy sport would be). Also everyone seems to have different opinions on dieting (how much protein/carbohydrates is enough, and if you can/cannot achieve that through natural diet without protein powder, etc.), so I guess there is not one solution for everyone.

But I think Jimmy Joy can be a very easy way to control your diet, and you can always adjust the rate of carbohydrates to protein by adding protein shake powder to Jimmy Joy or replacing some of the Jimmy Joy with protein powder. I think it’s up to the person themselves to find out what works and what doesn’t. And I think people will mostly stick to just protein shakes and a diet, because it’s the easiest and it’s what everyone else does. For example, my sister works out quite a few times a week, but she has such a light body weight that she could easily get enough protein through natural diet, and she still drinks protein shakes. :confused:
So I don’t see all the bodybuilders switching to Jimmy Joy, but I think it’s definitely a good thing to add to (or even make up the entirety of) your diet.

There are actually a lot of bodybuilders & powerlifters using Jimmy Joy for buling purposes. For example we got Guy Droog on board. A personal trainer who -on top of his ‘regular’ food- drinks 1 bag of Jimmy Joy mixed with milk, which gives him 3,000 KCAL just from Jimmy Joy. http://guydroog.com/review-jimmyjoy-love-story/ (written in dutch)

Also we got Dogan Tekin on board. the current dutch powerlifting champion. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDpoKp4LWXL/

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