What to watch 🍿

Hi there,

Sometimes you’re already sitting down, ready to watch a movie and the only thing missing is… the movie.
That’s why we’ve made up this list of things you could watch. Check it out! :eyes:

:zzz: Headspace: Guide to Sleep is a 7-episode Netflix documentary that focuses on… Sleep! Loads of people suffer from sleeping problems nowadays, and this documentary walks you through misconceptions and tips that (if you follow them) will help you sleep better.

:plate_with_cutlery: Wasted! The Story of Food Waste is a two-hour documentary in which Anthony Bourdain takes you around the world to show how much food is wasted annually. It also shows other famous chefs take ingredients that most of us would consider scraps and use them to make new dishes, hoping that they can make a difference. One warning: loads of swearing.

:honeybee: Honeyland is a heart-breaking documentary about how greed can disrupt an entire ecosystem. It follows Hatidze, whose livelihood depends on wild beekeeping. Taking only half of the honey to sell, Hatidze formed trusting relationships with the bees she depended on. The peace in her beehive gets disturbed when a new family moves into the area, who want to harvest honey on a larger scale, eventually leading to the destruction of Hatidze’s wild beehives.

:pig: Okja is an action and adventure movie about a little girl on a mission to save her unusual best friend: a massive mutant pig. Okja (the pig) is kidnapped by a multinational whose goal is to provide the world with cheap but high-quality meat and meat products, and the movie goes from showing the pure friendship between little girl and animal to a darker, dystopian world filled with corporate greed.

:earth_africa: Seven Worlds, One Planet is another 7 episode documentary, but this one is full of wildlife stories and unseen wilderness. In this docu, you travel around the world, to all seven continents which emerged millions of years ago, revealing how each continent shaped the flora and fauna that’s been there ever since. A beautiful documentary presented by David Attenborough and accompanied by music composed by Hans Zimmer.

:socks: Last but not least - Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things is (you’ve guessed it) a documentary that dives into the lives of various people from various layers of society who live according to the minimalism principle. It’ll make you ask yourself how much stuff you actually own and whether you actually need them: “How much your life be better with less?"

Would you recommend these too, or do you have other suggestions? Let us know!