What's your opinion about synthetic folic acid?

Hi, I’m a regular Jimmy Joy user for about a year now. Because knowledge is power I try to keep up to date with the science behind what is healthy and what’s not. I came by this article https://www.drfuhrman.com/learn/library/articles/38/harmful-ingredients-in-supplements-picking-the-right-multivitamin-is-paramount-as-most-may-be-harmful-to-your-health
claiming synthetic folic acid is raising the risk on certain types of cancer.
I’m curious what’s your opinion on this matter?

Interesting! I asked our food technologist to have a look into the article :slight_smile:

I have to admit that article makes me worried. There are so many potential things to be careful of! Maybe I should mix in some more regular food and cut out the extra vitamin A, E and D from Möllers tran. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hello Mail2erik,

Thank you for sharing this article. We take all pro’s and con’s into account for our Plenny Shake formula. Next to these concerns about synthetic folic acid, their is a lot research which shows that added synthetic folic acid have benefits. Till this day, pregnant women in the Netherlands are taking synthetic folic acid supplement to prevent born children with Spina bifida. I did a little research and found some contradictions to the article of Dr. Furhmann:
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A nice overview on the current data of folic acid supplement:
Boyles, A., Yetley, E., Thayer, K., & Coates, P. (2016). Safe use of high intakes of folic acid: research challenges and paths forward. Nutrition Reviews, 74(7), 469-474.

Apart from the debat I can let you know we are busy with a new Plenny Shake formula, in which no folic acid is added anymore, where the folate (or folic acid) is provided from the natural ingredients we add.

Thanks for explaining your opinion on this one. I’ve noticed there is generally a lot of conflicting research surrounding food science. Maybe the mega food corps pulling the wool over your eyes :wink:

But good to hear you guys made an educated decision. Still I feel folate is the way to go instead of folic acid. So I can’t wait for the new formula!