Folate versus Folic Acid

Hi there!

Wanted to ask what people think about folate versus folic acid? I heard one is the natural version found in real food, and the other has been linked to cancer.

Which one is found in the Plenny shake (just ordered 5+ bags)? What evidence does everyone have to support either folate or folic acid.

I’m impartial, I just want to know what the community thinks.

Enjoy your day!

I’d prefer the one without cancer.

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Hey there Michael!

Thanks for reaching us out! I am writing on behalf of the R&D team at Jimmy Joy. Here some information for you to clear your doubts:

Folate is a term used for a family of compounds occurring naturally in food, and which belong to the group of B-vitamins. Folic acid, is the synthetic and safe form of folate approved for use in food fortification.
Only if you were to ingest more than 1000 micrograms a day (which is the toxic level established by the European Food Safety Authority) adverse health effect such as cancer development would be related to folic acid.

In one portion of our products you find 60 micrograms of folic acid, therefore, even if you would replace all your meals with Jimmy Joy products (situation in which you would be consuming 300 micrograms of folic acid) your daily intake of folic acid would be far far away from the toxic levels.

A side note is that natural food folates have a lower bioavailability than folic acid, which means that folic acid is absorbed to a bigger extent :slight_smile:

I hope I have informed you sufficiently,

With love and joy,