Where are the vitamins and minerals in your products from?

Hi, I’m just curious from which sources jimmy joy derives the vitamins and minerals from for their shakes.


Ey BunnyApocalypse (good name btw, is it a reference to Bunny from Apocalypse now, or are you a doom prepper for when bunnies are going to make an apocalypse? :face_with_monocle:)!

Half of the vitamins are derived from fermentation processes the other half is synthetically made., the minerals are extracted from mining .

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Haha, it’s just a name I came up with in sixth grade, I think at the time it was more about bunnies making the apocalypse but I am not sure what I was thinking. For now I just keep it because I think it’s cute and I already use it in so many other places. That’s cool to know, if it wouldn’t be a hassle, could you tell me which vitamins are synthesised and which are byproducts of fermentation? I’m just curious.

Haha good name history :+1:

I won’t get into detail here but 5 from the 11 vitamins are derived from fermentation steps. It’s a fermentation progress with either maize starch or soy flour.