Why a cow is on the vegan plenny shake?

Dear Jimmy Joy!

I just ordered my first package of bags of Vegan of Plenny Shake of Jimmy Joy of Joey from Netherlands.
And I’m wondering that, why there’s a cow on a vegan shake’s back and on the website? Is it good for marketing even if it’s not containing any cow products? If the cow would be dead or is bleeding, than I could say: OK, they killed every milk product in it, but it has a freaking cow, holding a fully vegan logo in it’s hand, already chewing your vegan shake =O
That would make a real vegan toss out that bag soon as he saws. I didn’t saw the bag actually from front, I can just hope that you don’t leave a full-scaled-cow on the front of any flavoured vegan bag. xP
You guys so pixilated and cracked already, you can create a living plant or vegetable logo on it, not a mistakable logo.

If I saw, thought, explained something badly in my mind, just ignore me.
No offense, I loved you all as soon as I heard about you and your products.

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Ey man RastaKillah!

Holy cow! You have really thought about the vegan cow :smiley:

OK, here is the story behind the vegan cow:
A long time ago when we started with the vegan Plennyshake, we wanted to create a cartoon-figure which would be our vegan-mascotte. So we knew Mike Tyson (the famous bokser) is vegan and we know cows are also vegan, so we made a fusion between these to. And so our vegan cow with the tattoos from Mike Tyson was born! After some time the cow lost his tattoos but we kept him on the package. The picture below shows the Mike Tyson Cow

Now the cow is on the package because he doesn’t have to give any milk any more and he can do what he wants now! Therefore he is surfing with chocolate or going down the slide with strawberry :smiley:


Hi RastaKillah
As a vegan I often see vegan products that have the pictures of animals in them (like chickens, cows, etc) precisely because of what karel said: It is a reminder of the animal you are not killing/using.


Now that I know the whole story, I guess I made peace with the cow, even without “his” tattoos.
Herman, I didn’t know that they’re using the animal, what they don’t use, I usually buy some lactose-free product, but never saw something like this. Not stupid, but a strange marketing politics, I would rather use a red X or something, because you simply see the animal from far. For a milk, I would go on as soon as I saw the cow. But now I’ll check on.

This thread is absolutely hilarious, love it.