Why have a non-vegan version?

The vegan plenny shake, supposedly (have only tried vegan), has the same taste, texture and price as the non-vegan version. So why bother having a non-vegan version at all? Since vegan is more environmental friendly, it would seem good to have everyone move on the the vegan powder. No?


We definitely hear what you’re saying, here. We’ll take it into consideration! :slight_smile:

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Totally agree! All down for the vegan option, especially if it has the same taste & texture. HOWEVER Australia and New Zealand have silly anti-marijuana laws that mean we cannot import anything that contains Hemp, which the vegan option contains (Don’t we all have that distant ‘dodgey’ family member that ruins it for the rest of us…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) As a NZ-er, thank you Jimmy Joy for not putting this is the non-vegan option! Although if there is a way we could receive a vegan option here that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Because for instance vitamin D3 can be predicted much better how much will be absorbed by the body, versus D2. Also, the protein from vegan options to a lot of people taste not as good as from non-vegan (i don’t really believe they taste the same, but I myself have never tried the vegan option. I have a vegan option from another blend. and the taste is inferior). Limiting the options for non-vegans to vegan only is not what’s going to get most people on board with vegan products. A superior product would (price, or flavor, or nutrient profile, or variety, etc). I am interested in the opinions from people who have tried both. If the taste is close enough, and the price equal I would be willing to switch.


I’ve only had the regular one too, so I can’t say personally. Based on the various reports on the Reddit Soylent and Jimmyjoy sections there is a different, but little agreement so far as better/worse. Some people seem to prefer some flavors of one and different flavors of the other, or find the taste more or less the same but prefer the texture of one or the other.

And of course, humans are omnivores. Some people feel great on a vegan diet, but others don’t. There is no universal best diet for everyone.

Not to mention that the main diary in the regular Plenny shakes is whey. Since it’s a byproduct of cheesemaking, I’m not seeing an environmental advantage to removing it. Incorporating it into foods was actually a solution to the problem of disposing of the whey left over after making cheese. Not consuming whey wouldn’t result in a reduction of the number of dairy cows or the resources consumed in keeping them, it would just waste that component of the milk and become a pollutant itself when dumped.


Actually the vegan version of Plenny Shake also uses vitamin D3 which is obtained from a vegan source lichen. I have tasted both vegan and non vegan but its been too long ago so cannot really give my opinion on the matter.


I have tried both versions and though I like both, the taste and texture is definitely different.

The non-vegan version was also somewhat easier to digest.

There’s definitely a difference in taste/texture of the vegan/non-vegan options.
I strongly prefer the non-vegan one.
Furthermore, as someone pointed out already, dropping the whey protein would not help the environment so much.
Please leave the non-vegan option there for us non-fanatics.


I agree with RimantasB.

In my opinion, the vegan chocolate is horrible.

I prefer the non-vegan chocolate. The taste of the non-vegan chocolate is perfect. :slight_smile:

I disagree strongly that vegan and non-vegan have the same taste. I love 3 flavors of the non-vegan plenny shake, while at the same time I can’t stand their vegan counterparts. The difference in taste is drastic (in my opinion).

I can’t remember if vegan had a difference in texture so bad it bothered me. I doubt that it did, but I wouldn’t have noticed over the taste issues.

If Jimmy Joy drops non-vegan in favor of having only vegan, they will either need to completely redo vegan to taste better for me, or I would have to stop buying it :frowning_face:

I have tried both, and I did not taste any difference.

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I stand corrected. Most vegan meal-shakes use D2.

In my opinion it is a horrible idea to deny everyone the non-vagan shakes just because you think that the vagan ones are better in any way. This is just fascism. Let everyone chose!

I get what you’re saying, but no, it really isn’t :kissing_heart:.

You can argue over taste and texture but nutritionally there’s no reason to take the non-vegan over the vegan option. I do enjoy discussions on taste and texture, I too am a connoisseur of nutritional mush (which the shakes are of course) :rofl:. The vegan option is better in terms of ethics and the environment and equal in terms of health by all accounts (the import regulations are a valid issue of course, and a great reason to continue producing non-hemp versions). I certainly wouldn’t refer to this suggestion as a fanatical one as @RimantasB puts it because the difference on the consumer end seems very marginal to me. I’d be interested in seeing a video comparing the tastes and texture though because that is something I can really see mattering a lot.

From a policy standpoint I think it’s better to keep producing the non-vegan versions because peoples’ beliefs in the necessity of consuming animal products would likely turn them away from this company, likely making it a bad business decision.

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Given that the shakes are, as you quite correctly put it, nutritional mush, it makes some sense to at least try and give the end user the best possible taste/texture (=the least horrible, if you will). The shakes are already more eco- and animal- friendly than a lot of the alternatives, therefore not so much would be won on those grounds if the non-vegan version was dropped. Conversely, some people could quit the shakes altogether, perhaps having to go back to “normal food”, which, quite likely, may involve meat.
If you really want to help animals/environment, go protest at your local McDonald’s. Or maybe switch your career to climate science/clean energy production engineering/whatever.

I could also politely suggest that maybe switching over from one to the other isn’t a radical step. Giving up cheese, eggs and meats is an actually involved step compared to consuming a slightly altered recipe of something that resembles a fruity oatmeal. Again, taste and texture concerns are valid imo but I’d recommend anyone here who’s buying the original shakes at least try out the vegan ones because if they’re okay with the taste and texture this small change ends up adding up positively over time at literally no additional cost. Something to think about for those people here who don’t believe there’s anything inherently essential to eating animal products for their well-being.


Each one have own choice but having non vegan is not bad. Go with limits for everything. Veg restaurant in Nagpur really best for pure veg food lovers.