1 portion portable jar reusable option

I think it could be a great idea to be able to buy a recipient that allows you to carry your daily meal scoops to your job. After all, if we take the dust into the shaker, it will be difficult to get the perfect shake done.

A jar like recipient would be a great option for filling it directly from the bag too.

This could also be a great option for giving a try to any shake and pot flavor if they were sold with a portion included so we can buy those flavors we aren’t sure about.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion first of all, much appreciated!
I will put forward your request for a container, you mention a jar-form, would you maybe have an example you could share of how you would see that?

We do not offer sample sized products as that would not be doable with price, packaging, shelf life etc. But, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee instead. If you try something and do not like it, just check in with our customer care team and they will sort that with you. So no risk in trying that way, just for us.


Imagine something like plenny pot plastic vase but thinner so it can get into the plenny shaker, with a mug like handle for allowing you to take the dust without touching it with your fingers.

Big enough to get exactly 2 scopes of a meal (one portion) but thin enough to let you insert it into the shaker to avoid any dust falling outside of your shaker.

The mug/jar handle is less prominent than the scope handle style, helping to reach the goal of inserting it, at least one or two cm into the plenny shaker while transfering the dust between recipients.

Since it is meant for travelling, it also needs a cover, just like the plenny pot vase.

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Clear! Thanks for the input, I will put this forward to the right people.