Keeping it in portions in work

Was just wondering, does anyone portion their powders and carry them into work in portions or just leave a bag and scoop in work instead?

If you do do portions, what do you use?

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Pre-shake one meal, and keep one meal in the extra container screwed on the bottom of my smartshaker :blush:


What is this magical extra container you mention???

It’s not part of the shakers provided / sold directly (yet?) by Jimmy Joy,
but it’s available from smartshake, the company making the Jimmy Joy shakers.
Shakerbottles – Smartshake - scroll down a bit, and you’ll see shaker variants with one-or-more attachable compartments.


Love it, thanks for suggesting this! :green_heart:

Weeell :wink:

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Usually I bring one shake with me for breakfast and make a fresh one for lunch.

I keep a bag in the drawer at work and shake it up at lunch time. Or if I won’t be in the office, I bring two scoops of plenny in an old jam jar and just keep it in my bag.

If I’m running very late I grab a bar or a plenny drink as I run out the door. But at least I’ve always got a bag for lunch so I never have to worry about that!

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