Dish-washer safe shaker

Dear team

A neat addition to your line if products would be a shaker in a solid, darker colour, enabling daily dish-washing without the plastic changing colour to a nasty-looking orange.

Kthxbai :muscle::four_leaf_clover:

Orange? I have not seen that happening before and it should be good for daily dish-washing really.
Maybe you do not rinse it after use and before washing it? That’s for sure good advise if you do not at the moment.
We would have the Stainless Steel Shaker as option maybe for you?

That said, I will for sure forward the suggestion for a dark version of the Shaker to the relevant people. The clear one of course is this way so you can see the contents while shaking and the measuring will be a bit harder with a darker version, but it doe snot hurt to look into potential options there. Thanks!


The thing is, that the rubber on the metal shaker isnt suited for repeated dish-washer use. Besides, it is a different size, and uncomfortable for cold shakes because of the thermal attributes of the material.

It is a common problem, that the transparent plastic is very susceptible to pigments during washing above 50 degrees celsius.

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Clear and fair points! I will make sure to relay this to the right people. Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks! :blush:

To be even more specific, and since youre using SmaetShake, Id imagine coloured versions of the Original2Go would be the optimal choice except for the extra containers. Ill confirm this after more prolonged use.

On a side note, the extra containers are well suited for a Plenny Bar cut into bite sizes :wink: