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Dont drink from the Plastic Shaker


Its the wrong look.

Get a proper classy Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker.

Once the folk in my office have become accustomed to seeing me slug from the neck of the Cocktail Shaker at lunch times I shall start to add gin.


Personally I think it looks good on me, I think a stainless steel one would give off a “Bear Grylls” vibe.


You are rocking that shaker, @hcamiel !


Old thread, but in case it hasn’t been mentioned somewhere else…

Shouldn’t the writing be the other way? So others can read “jimmyjoy-plennyshake” right-side-up when someone is drinking from the shaker bottle?


:open_mouth: I feel so stupid right now for not having noticed that. I also drink the way @BananaRunner does. (Though with the new shakers, the lid might fall down on my nose. So I keep it a bit sideways.)


Every drink tastes better with a straw in your favorite color.


Doesn’t the text orientation depend on the way you screw the top? :hushed: (I wouldn’t know, I didn’t receive an official green shaker)


My “guess” is that it only lines up one way, because the threads only start/end in one position (I wouldn’t know; I also don’t have an official green shaker).


I think the shaker is fine, the only improvement I would like to see would be making the cap less loose.


Did it fall on your nose?



I assume I over tightened mine as the cap has split. It did feel loose unless I made it that tight though.