Alternative shaker bottle

Hey, I have a lot of different types of shaker bottles.

The ones I got from jimmyjoy-plennyshake (the official one with a blender ball and one with a black top and grate) were the best so far.

In my opinion the grate is better than the blender ball, it does better at breaking down and avoiding clumps, and merely the thought of metal ablating the plastic inside makes me queasy regardless if that is justified. And I just don’t like the sound of that metal ball.

The black one is a bit leaky and the lid used to fall off until I cut away some excess material at the swivel.

The official one is a bit drippy when you open it: i.e. liquid dripping off the open lid.
I find that as far as washing goes the jimmyjoy-plennyshake bottles are okay, better than most.

But recently I went looking for a better shaker bottle and found one that I really like:

I bought 9 of them in various colors because free shipping. :grin:
(though they only sent be 7, probably by accident)

On the bottom of the bottles it has a company website:
They do not sell directly; and you gotta love their webdesign and marketing texts… :worried:

Those bottles are super cheap, but that really doesn’t matter.
The design is just excellent, and they certainly do not feel or look cheap.

The only complaint I have about them is that how the grate sitting in the top a bit wobbly.

But this design solves lots of little issues:
0. no accidentally shaking the bottle when the top is not fully closed

  1. perfect leverage on the larger screw cap in case it gets stuck
  2. large drinking hole allows easily pouring in of additional water
  3. comfortable shape to hold; made with flexible plastics (reason why jimmyjoy-plennyshake bottle >> Jake bottle)
  4. large top diameter for easier scooping and cleaning
  5. no crevices for powder to get stuck (as in the Queal official bottle…)
  6. holds 700ml as is required and with good readable markings
  7. no dripping anywhere, even if you repeatedly unscrew the tops
  8. the lid seems to be made of some kind of water repellent material
  9. grate is wedge shaped, so it can be placed in an open upside down lid without sliding out
    edit: one more: grate holds back ice-cubes

I recommend that you get your hands on one of those to try it out and compare for yourselves.

Maybe not to replace the original one, which is rather iconic and people will certainly keep buying that.
And the bottle I mentioned has some obvious characteristics that a ‘newbie’ would probably dislike; so better to have both.

(I am not in any way affiliated with any of brands mentioned above)


Does anyone have experience with the kingshaker? I was able to find some reviews, both all of them looked a bit ‘shady’; trying to sell me something at the bottom of the page, or only mentioning positive aspects…

And in reply: So… How many shakers do you have, in total? xD

7 different types now, and 15 in total; waiting for those 2 that are missing. That is not too extreme…
I like having enough of then so I can go a week without having to wash them.

I have not used the “kingshaker” or anything really similar; and I certainly would not be buying 9 shakers at that price. But to me it looks heavy and not much fun to clean. And the issue with dripping is often not about failure to seal when closed (unless it is a really bad shaker) but drops coming off the inside of a lid when it is opened. It might be nicer for travel though, and it certainly looks cooler than a plastic one. The ones I posted above are rather thick and would not fit into many cupholders or the side of a backpack.

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I like my shakers a bit smaller. Because I’m small myself and therefore need smaller meals.
I found that the Xenos in the Netherlands sells 400 ml salad shakers with metal mixer balls for threefiddy.
They go great with my fondness of drinking with straws.
Only drawback is that the stickers are hard to remove and require an aceton treatment to clean off the stickerglue.

Jimmyjoy-plennyshake official product is really good, I tried to buy one, indeed as many people say that cleaning the shaker bottle is a trouble, but I recently found some tips, using charcoal, baking soda and lemon can be very effective removal Odor.