Shaker Bottles out of stock


I noticed that the shaker bottles are out of stock. Any news on when they will be back in stock again? I really like them, and I’d like to order a few more.


Hey @pask, we expect them to be back in stock (EU) end of this week!

Heck yes, thanks for the info!

Still no Shakers!
I got the free big/tight Shaker but my hands r too fat too easily clean it always. :thinking:
i dont wanna starve! :woozy_face:

back on stock :slight_smile:

Sorry it took a little longer, however we’re fully stocked again!


Hello Tim!

I was trying to add 1 XL shake bottle to my subscription as an one-time addition but I only saw the option of making it a weekly subscription. How would it be possible to get a shaker bottle without paying 10€ for shipping as I have a subscription anyway?

Hey Karl,

if you could shoot us an email at with your order number and/or ‘real name’ :smiley: then we will fix it for you!