How to get a new Shaker Bottle

Hi there, up until now i’ve been using teh shaker that i got with my first order about a year ago.

Unfortunately, some time ago it got a little crack in the thread part of the cap, which causes liquid to leak out when shaking. Now i wanted to order another shaker with my next order, but i can’t see it anywhere. Do you not sell them anymore? Help, i don’t know what to do :frowning:

greetz, Simon

EDIT: i found the option after a while, so ignore this post :smiley: let me say however, it is extremely hidden, maybe you could make it more visible in the shop?

Cool…and how do we do ?

Someone else had this problem earlier, and I think they’re working on it: Shaker not available?

Alternatively you could get another shaker from eBay/Amazon/sportshop.

when you go in the custom flavor selection, on the very bottom theres a slim text “show other products”, there you can select the shaker bottle :slight_smile: