Shaker not available?

im trying to buy a new bunch of jimmyjoy-plennyshake, this time also for my girlfriend. i tryed to buy 2 shakers but there isnt an option for it. are the shakers out of stock or whats happening?

Strange, I just tried it myself, and I can order 2 shakers just fine

You have to click the link “+ show our other products” beneath the list of jimmyjoy-plennyshake bags to see the shaker bottles though, maybe you’ve missed that step?

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You can indeed still find the shakers when clicking “show other products” under the slider menu, like @sinthoras said! Let me know if you still can’t find it.

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Ye it works with the slider option thanks!

first i tryed it over the page for the shaker

That doesnt work

Yay! Great to hear it worked :slight_smile: I’ll ask our web developers to add a button that let’s you add the shaker through that link as well.

Ok, I found that button. May be it’s a bit misleading that you have to click “order now” on the bags to be able to see that button. After I ordered the bags I clicked “continue shopping” in the cart. Then I spent 10 minutes looking for the “show other products” button everywhere.

I believe that what you should do is put a tab for the shaker (call it tools, gadgets or whatever). The current user experience to get a shaker is awful :frowning:

When you are in the page with the sliders, the option to show other products is quite easy to miss. So you miss it and you leave that page. At that point, you get a list of what you are ordering, and three choices: empty the chart, continue shopping, and checkout. So you think: “Hey, I forgot the shakers, lets go back to the shop and add them to the chart”. How would anyone at this point (without coming here to this post) figure out that they have to select jimmyjoy-plennyshake again, but keep the jimmyjoy-plennyshake sliders to 0, find the link to show ther products, and select the shaker there?

Now that I know where it is, I will be able to order. But with other people in mind, both existing and new clients, please fix that. The discoverability of the shaker is really poor currently.

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You’re right about that guys! We’re currently working on improving our website, so it should be a lot easier soon :slight_smile:

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