The perfect glass shaker: the 850ml Weck jar

I finally found a glass shaker that I think is pretty much perfect for the Plenny Shake.

It is the 850ml Weck jar, that while being marketed as a “canning jar”, it is amazing for our purpose:

  • Glass body AND glass lid: unlike plastic shakers, no risk of leaching taste-altering or toxic chemicals, doesn’t scratch or degrade, doesn’t retain smells or anything, easy to clean
  • Perfectly dishwasher safe or easy to hand wash since it’s all glass and has no hard to clean small insets, unlike shakers with screw lid
  • Once the lid is removed, it’s almost like a common glass drinking glass you can directly drink from. It has a raised rim, but it doesn’t really cause much annoyance
  • Air-tight seal with rubber seal: no risk of leaks, portable
  • Wide mouth, making it easy to add the powder with no spills
  • Near-perfect size for the “default” 500ml water + 174g powder recipe. Weck jars are also available in many other sizes for those who use different quantities.
  • Extremely cheap: only around 2 eur for the jar itself plus seals and clips when buying large amounts, although you have to buy 6 at once and pay shipping, making it an around 30 eur purchase for 6 shakers in Europe
  • Sold in Germany, in Europe and in the USA (,,, also usually on Amazon and many other places)

The only problem is that the closing mechanism with metal clips takes more time to open and close than most other jars and shakers, but it’s not that much of an issue, since you will usually just close it once, shake, open once and leave opened while drinking. Also, the looks of the jar with the metal clips on aren’t as pretty as commercial protein shakers, but oh well.

I would in fact even recommend Jimmy Joy to offer this jar as an option when purchasing, since it can be sold for around the same price as the plastic shaker and is far better, and this would allow customers to only buy one, rather than a 6-pack which is the minimum quantity that Weck sells and avoid pay shipping costs twice.

Photo of my Weck 850ml jar with shaken Plenny Shake vanilla flavor shake using the recipe printed on the bag:

Alternative: the Luigi Bormioli Lock&Eat jar

An alternative is the Luigi Bormioli Lock&Eat jar line, which is very similar: it also features a glass body + glass lid design, but has a locking mechanism that is easier to open and close since it uses a single metal lever attached to the lid instead of multiple metal clips that come off, and generally looks prettier.

However, while being a good option, it’s far more expensive per unit, the shapes available don’t resemble normal drinking glasses, and don’t fit the recommended recipe as well, so I think it’s slightly worse for normal at-home use.

On the other hand, if you want to bring a shake with you, take a sip while walking, then put the shaker away, then reopen it to take another sip, and so on, then the Luigi Bormioli Lock&Eat jar is far better than the Weck jar due to the ease of opening and closing it, especially on the go.

No other alternatives?

Most other glass containers lack a glass lid, which is a problem since the contents will make complete contact with the lid when shaken.

Pretty much the only exception I could find are the wire bail jars (like the Rocco Bormioli Fido), which are however unsuitable for use as a shaker since you either have to put your mouth on the metal wire to drink, which is quite unpleasant and potentially unsafe, and have the lid hanging, or have to remove and reapply the closing mechanism, which is very annoying since it usually requires considerable force.

A mason jar with a glass lid could be an option, but I could not find any glass lids suitable for mason jars for sale.

It’s also possible that someone offers a product marketed as a protein shaker or as a cocktail shaker with a glass body AND a glass lid, with an hermetic seal, but I couldn’t find any.

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Very nice idea,
I was thinking about this yesterday as my shaker tastes a bit like plastic lately (you won’t notice with the powder but if you drink only water…plastic everywhere ) .
Also the recipe and the outside draw is disappearing. I always wash it carefully by hand but I guess that after more than a year it’s normal…

So I was thinking on a glass shaker…I will have a look to those you recommend or I’ll manage to get a similar one here. I’m not an expert, but you can hear always that glass is much better than plastics, where with plastics you need to make sure is BPA free… etc…


I myself was looking more for a stainless shaker or thermos, but glass might do it as well. But with the metal coil as mixer, i wonder how quickly it would scratch the inside, and/or if tiny pieces of glass could chip off (if so, they would be razor sharp).