Shaker replacement?

I’ve left my original JJ shaker back at my parents house.
Don’t want to buy a new one, as this one is still useful, but due to COVID I’m probably not going to get it back soon.

Any recommendations/ideas for a replacement?
I could use a regular glass jar, but whitout the wire ball, it’s pretty hard to mix it :slight_smile:

Would be super grateful for any responds <3

What have you tried so far? It’s difficult to know what you have available, like a blender would be good or a whisk, have you just put it in a jam jar and shook it? I’d try stirring it with a fork at least.

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Great suggestions, Dave! And try adding a little water with the powder, so you can mix that first and add extra water/milk later. That should help! If you use a fork or whisk and a jam jar so you can also shake it, it should get you pretty far.

If all else fails, just let us ship you a new one <3

After a couple of years of using these shakers on a nearly daily basis, I’m on my 5th shaker. The old ones still work, but they get harder and harder to clean as time goes on, so I wouldn’t worry too much about getting an extra one, as you may well have use for both in the long run (though I hope they’re gonna start selling that steel one the CEO posted about on Twitter a while back, because it seems to stay much easier to clean).

But that’s not the answer you were looking for, so, hmmmmm…

Perhaps you could sacrifice a strainer or a colander, and modify it to fit snugly in the glas jar. The newer shakers seem to rely on turbulence created by a bunch of holes to mix things. I don’t know how hard it would be to recreate that with a DIY setup though.

You can start saving time tokens in our rewards program to get the steel shaker :wink:


The steel shaker looks super cool!
Any plan to start selling it or maybe exchange it for Time Tokens?
I love JJ but I fell back to Earthling and I cannot consume enough to get to Astronaut again…

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there are heaps of other ways to earn time tokens! But considering you fell back to Earthling I’ll make an exception. See your email inbox! :slight_smile:

I am a time traveler and I wonder how I can get the steel shaker? I don’t see any reward for that in my inventory.

Please contact our customer care at They can help you to get the steel shaker :smiley: