How do you wash your shakers without a dishwasher?

Okay, first of all, i’m kind of a lazy person myself, and doing the dishes has never been a pleasure to me. However, i’m still concerned about the cleanness of my shakers.

I don’t have a Dishwasher, which means i have to wash my shakers by hand.

How do you guys do it ? i used to just put some dishsoap in it with water and shake it vigorously , and after a few uses, i’ll wash it with a sponge like i would do for a standard glass.
the problem is, it’s kinda hard to go deep in the shaker because i have really large hands, and i’m also afraid some residues would get stuck in there. should i worry or not ? A friend of mine told me i shouldn’t be too concerned, because as far as i don’t wait too long before i wash them, just using water to get rid of the Jimmy Joy inside should be fine. is that correct ?
I usualy pour a bit of bleach inside the shaker once a month and wash it thoroughly after that. i’m afraid the plastic will absorb some of the bleach which is even worse than absorbing some rotten Jimmy Joy in my opinion.

And, last but not least, how long should i keep my shakers ? i assume they have some kind of an expiration date, like, after a few uses they could release chemicals inside the preparation or something.

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I’ve had more issues with dish soap residue when I put my shakers in the dish washer than when washing by hand. If you want to give it a really thorough clean without having to stick your hand into it, try using a dish brush - works pretty well for me. Well, at least I tend to subscribe to the illusion that my Jimmy Joy shakers are sufficiently clean :slight_smile:

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I like cooking but I don’t like washing dishes. Cleaning dishes and pots is kind of a pain in butt for me. Since dishwasher can’t help me to wash my pots and pans. I hope that I can get a nice kitchen scrub brush so that I can do the cleaning job without effort.

I would agree, a dish brush is probably the easiest and cleanest way to do it. Just make sure you don’t use too much soap, and maybe instead of leaving the shaker out to dry, try wiping it down with a clean towel or cloth.

As soon as I finished I just fill to 1/3 with water, shake, empty out, do this x3 times
I don’t use soap.
Yes, I’m a lazy dirty bastard :sweat_smile:


This actually sounds like a great solution! It’s always best to get the leftover product out as soon as you can, otherwise it’ll harden and the shaker will be more difficult to clean :slight_smile:

It is indeed difficult or even impossible to go deep in the shaker with hands, so you need some tools to help you clean the inside. Just like how you clean a baby’s bottle with a baby bottle brush, you need something similar, or you can just use the baby bottle brush if you have one.

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Great suggestion @ParkPrince !:v:t3:

I use a glass mason jar instead of a plastic container. Sooo much easier to clean, even when I forgot to rinse it out right away. Other lazy man tips include putting it in the fridge instead of on the counter and filling it with water if you can’t clean it out right away. This prevents it from drying onto the jar.

If I feel a greasy residue I will wash with soap but otherwise just rinse with water. I’d rather drink a bit of dried up bacteria then soap imo.

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