Cracks in shaker lid - something I did?

One of my two shakers has developed several horizontal cracks in the tread part of the lid. It’s about four months old, and at least one crack has been there for quite a while. It wasn’t until today this bothered me, because now (I assume it’s new) I have a crack higher up which leaks quite a bit when I shake the bottle (or put it on its side).

Unfortunately the shaker’s at work and I forgot to snap any photos before I left, but I’m mainly wondering if others have had the same thing happen?
And, perhaps even more interesting: is there something I could have done about it?

I started to wonder if dried up shake perhaps got in the treads, dried up and somehow caused cracking friction. That sounds like an awful lot of friction from some shake, but somewhat careless cleaning is about the only abuse I know I’ve exposed the shaker to. It has been through dishwashers every now and then, but if anything probably less often than it would have liked :slight_smile:

Ha, I realized one possibly naughty thing I’ve done: the shaker has regularly spent up to 45 minutes in the freezer as a way to cool down and thicken up a little. There has sometimes been a little bit of ice inside, and once there is a crack for some liquid to get into I guess it would have time to freeze and flex the crack ever so slightly.

Sometimes when you close the shaker too hard this happens, but they’re definitely not supposed to crack after a couple of months already. We can add one for free to your next order, if you like? Just promise us to be a little more gentle with it, and it should stay fine :wink: If you send us a heads up immediately after placing the new order through mail (just reply to the order confirmation), we can quickly add the shaker to your order before it ships out.

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You guys are too good :heart_decoration: I’ll be sure and do that!

That’s cool, just give us a heads up when you’ve ordered! And, no problem <3

I’ve had my shaker a little over one week and it already has two cracks in it. And I /haven’t/ been freezing mine.

This sometimes happens when you try to close the shaker too roughly- however, it’s not supposed to break this quickly. If you pass us your order number as soon as you’ve placed a new order, we’d be happy to add a new one to your new package!

I also had one of my shakers’ lids crack (to the point where it was not usable), but fortunately I got an unexpected backup in my last order. If that one breaks I’ll be sure to bring it up.

I definitely was not rough with it though…my original shaker from earlier down the production line (which I keep at work) is flawless, so it leads me to believe there’s something different about the newer ones?

Hmm, yeah, perhaps our new batch shakers is different from the old ones! That would be quite weird though, as we haven’t really changed anything about the design. I’ll definitely discuss this at the office though!

I also did suffer from this batch, before getting to the end of my first bag :’(
I’m not going to order soon though, I have plenty of remaining bags.

If you send us a heads up immediately after placing the new order, we can quickly add a new shaker to your order free of charge :slight_smile:

2 shakers, both ordered in the last few weeks, both already broken. Maybe you caught a bad batch.

Sometimes closing the lit too roughly can break it, however, they’re definitely supposed to last longer! If you contact us through mail at, we can find a fitting solution to make this up to you.

Got a shaker with my order, noticed cracks during 3rd use. Emailed support, got a new one, noticed a crack as soon as I’d opened the box. :weary:

Really seems to be a bad batch.

(@ support people on the forum: I already replied to original support email, so complaint should be received via that channel)

Oh man, so sorry the second one was broken as well :frowning: if you pass us another email we’ll make sure to send you a shaker from the new batch!

Already did and was promised a better one :). Thanks for the excellent customer service so far :smiley:

Yay! You’re welcome <3

There is definitely a problem with the latest batches of shakers, mine came already broken (already contacted custom care). It is true that closing them so hard can break them, but they should withstand a firm closing to avoid leakages. Maybe it would be better to invest in better quality shakers so we can reduce the plastic waste.

So since i can’t open my own thread here in the support section(wtf why?!), i have to “hijack” this thread for my questions.

1.) why are the shakers so bad designed? you have to close them roughly, because otherwise they are just dripping. but closing them with force leads to break them. sure the first one was free, but cmon you can do better, right?

2.) why are my bags were labeled/ filled wrong? my bags were labeled with 530g instead of 535g, so how could this happened?

3.) why are the bags now even less filled for the same price? now they just contain 525g, next month they will have just 520g? this has nothing to do with transparency, or was this communicated to the customers?

4.) what causes the problem to feel so gassy, even with the vegan product? it can’t be the oatmeal, because i ate oat before on my daily routine and never had that stinky gasses.

Thanks for your answer.

ps: english is not my native language, so sorry for that.

Hm, that’s odd! I’ll answer all your questions here though.

  1. Unfortunately we had to deal with a bad batch- usually the shakers work perfectly fine. We quit adding these shakers to orders, and will offer a new one for free to anyone who received a broken shaker.

  2. The exact weight of the bag differs per flavour actually, as some flavours contain more fruit/flavour powder than others. This means there’s no need to worry!

  3. We of course wouldn’t keep adding less and less powder to our bags. Also, we have a proper machine which makes sure the weight of the bags is correct when filling them up in our factory.

  4. Unfortunately we can’t really tell what causes this, as it varies per person. It could be the fibers, but if you wish to receive a