Leaking Shaker?

Hey Guys.
Till yet i’m very satisfied with jimmyjoy-plennyshake. But there’s something that bothers me.
It’s the shaker. First meals were O.K. But then it started leaking.
I marked it with a red circle:

Anybody else got that problem?

Best regards

I have three and never has escaped liquid.

  • Okay closed?
  • You may have a defect?
  • The water is hot? I drank other shakes in other shakers and if water - milk was hot and filled a lot, in the shaker, lot of pressure there because of the bubbles.
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I think there is a defect. The lid is screwed on tight. I only use cold water.

Hi @theanonymguy !

Sounds like you may have a defected shaker :-(. Please contact our customer support at love@jimmyjoy.com about this!

Hey, Wrote an email 5 days ago. Still no reply…

I’m so sorry to hear that. You can directly mail me at olivia@jimmyjoy.com! I’ll make sure a new shaker is on its way to you ASAP but will need to verify your address details :slight_smile: