Shaker lid breaks at seam?

Hi! I’ve been using my shaker for a while without any issues, but it looks like the lid is slowly coming apart at the ‘seam’. Has anyone else seen this issue occur?

It’s gone all the way through already, starting to leak a bit.

Yes, once.
They don’t last forever…
The Steal shaker you get as an Astronaut on the other hand may last forever.

They don’t. Especially the pad at the bottom. But they are a lot more sturdy.

Hi Wilco!

With extensive use, anything can break but it’s no good if it is now starting to leak of course, feel free to check in with us through the Live Chat or for the options. If it’s an option, the Stainless Steel Shaker would be a great alternative, but we could of course also look to replace the one you have now.

Thank you @Valerian and @RC-1290 for your input!