Steel Shaker Bottle feedback

@Koningsbruggen said “Any feedback is always welcome”, so here we go :slight_smile:

Great bottle, overall I’m really liking it, and now when I hold my previous plastic shaker, I’m noticing how flimsy it feels in comparison, even though I didn’t have that complaint when I was using it.
Other Pros:

  • The cap has a good snap to it, both when closing it, and when you open it far enough that it stays open. Very useful.
  • So far it seems pretty easy to clean, which is nice. Though only long term use will really tell. At least it doesn’t have the ridges of the old plastic shakers that wouldn’t clean with a simple rinse. I like that I can almost entirely take it apart non-destructively.
  • The handle felt odd to me at first, but I now use it regularly to carry it while walking and drinking. At this point I like that it’s solid.
  • The (rubber?) padding on the bottom feels really premium, and makes it a bit less noisy than putting my other metal bottles on hard surfaces.
  • I’m glad it doesn’t have some of the other odd… extension bits that the manufacturer has on its other products.


  • I’m not noticing as significant a taste difference as I did when I switched from plastic to steel water bottles, but I like the idea that I’m probably not drinking as much plastic.


  • The Handle took some getting used to (felt like it was in the way unnecessarily, but as mentioned above I got used to it), and has some sharp bits of plastic flashing. I’m currently trying to think of ways to remove the flashing without making things worse.
  • I had to learn how to properly seat the cap; it’s a bit harder to judge when you can start twisting than with the plastic shaker bottle.
  • I can’t see through steel (surprise surprise ^_^). It was pretty useful to be able to see if further shaking was required (for example if sediment forms after keeping it in the fridge). This also makes it slightly trickier to measure the correct amount of water. That said, I’ve gotten used to it, and in general I seem to have developed muscle memory for filling it to the correct amount. But it might be a good idea to invert the indented measuring text, so you can actually read it on the inside.
  • It still has the classic drip problem at the lid where you have to put a lot of care into not making it drip on your faces or your clothes.

Overall a really positive experience. I don’t know what the plans are for this product, and I’m guessing (looking at prices of the manufacturer, and other options) it’s not exactly going to be cheap, but I think it might still be worth considering for people who drink a lot of shakes.

I think it might survive a bit longer than my steel water bottles, but I hope you end up selling it within a few years. The failure on my steel water bottle was the cap, which is fragile because it’s multiple pieces of plastic and metal welded and glued together. Given that the metal in this shaker is just once piece, I think that should be fine.


Perfect, thank you so much for this in-depth first glance at the stainless steel shaker <3

How can we get this one? The shop seems broken… :pensive:

As far as I know it’s not for sale yet, but if I recall correctly someone from JJ indicated it would be added as a reward for reaching astronaut or time traveler.