More readable labeling on shaker

Hi, would it be an idea to make the volume labels on the shaker black as well? Now it’s really hard to read it since it’s the same color as the rest of the shaker (transparentish) and that would make it easier readable!

(Also I love the new strawberry and chocolate taste a lot! (Improved a lot compared to 2 years ago!))



Thanks for the feedback, we will take it with us as a suggestion for the new shakers!

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The labeling always wears off though, doesn’t it? At least for the ones that have something like “Plennyshake” printed on them. I feel like it would almost be more effective to hack around this with a piece of tape at the desired level.

That’s actually a great idea! A little piece of tape or perhaps a mark with a permanent marker could also make it more readable :smiley: