4 weeks of no shipping because strawberry is out?

Hi can you guy’s just send me what you guy’s can so that i’m not left empty handed?

You guy’s finally responded to my email regarding my order, US20125, and it said:

hi my name,
I’m so so sorry we didn’t contact you sooner but we were having some stock problems in the US, which is why your order wasn’t shipped out. We will restock at the end of this week.
Either your order can stay on hold until we restock or we can cancel the order and issue a refund

Sorry for the inconvenience, let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with :slight_smile:

With :green_heart: and joy,

It’s not too ridiculous to send my order in two parts because of the quantity of it. My subscription consists of:

Plenny Shake v3.0 Mango x 4
Plenny Shake v3.0 Strawberry x 4
Plenny Shake v3.0 Chocolate x 2
Plenny Shake v3.0 Bannana x 2

Please let me know if we can work anything out.

Hey Yoyo, sure we can do that! I have requested to ship the items that are in stock. Later you will get the missing items.
Sorry for the inconvenience!