About JJ's aggressive email campaign


I keep getting these JJ emails saying either
-Are you still thinking about buying this? OR
-Don’t forget to order this meal you loved. We love it too! OR
-We saw you checking out this awesome meal on our website. AND others

Why would I keep getting these despite having just made a monthly subscription?

They are annoying. Is unsubscribing from the newsletter the only option? How else can I stop this flooding? I need no preaching, I am already in the choir!


Hi @kurkista!

Apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you first of all.

We have checked this back with the responsible people and they confirmed that flow you are in would stop when you have an active subscription. As you mention it has not, it is currently being looked into.

The flows are in the process of being reworked as we speak and they will be looking into the amount of messages sent as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :green_heart:

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alrighty, @DanielJJ !

sounds good, fingers crossed they’ll find a solution!

have a nice weekend!

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Thanks, same to you!