About Palm Oil in Twenny Bars

Hi everyone,
I’m a long time Jimmy Joy user, and I have recently moved to Twenny Bars since they are so convenient. They are great, but I have a couple of concerns about the palm oil they carry.

  1. Why palm oil? They have coconut oil too, why keep the palm oil then?
  2. Is the palm oil heated during the manufacturing process? If so, to what temperature?

There are health concerns related to palm oil. Saturated fatty acids are not the best [1], and palm oil has a lot palmitic acid which seems to be particularly bad. Repeatedly heated palm oils seems to worsen the effects [2]. Also, the EFSA has found contaminants in the palm oil [3] and in other vegetable oils due to the processing they endure.

[1][2][3] I’m not allow to post more than 2 links in 1 post since I’m a new forum user. You can find the links to the scientific studies here: https://pastebin.com/1MhzWxna

I’m not an expert by any means, but it looks like there is reason to worry about this oil. I think coconut oil is healthier, but I may be completely wrong about that.



I’m also interested in this issue, I’m going to make a large order and I’m not sure if is healthier to order JimmyDust or TwennyBars.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on improving our bars, which means we’re going to ditch the palm oil in the new formula just like we did with our Vanilla bars. They don’t contain palm oil anymore, as you can see overhere: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/jimmyjoy/app/public/ckeditor_assets/attachments/119/vanilla_twennybar.pdf.

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That’s very interesting. I’ll wait until you release these new bars before buying the chocolate and banana bars.
I see that you’ve switched to rapeseed oil, and ditched the palm oil, it looks like a healthier choice.

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Also, the palm tree industry has been responsible for astronomic amounts of deforestation of the most biologically rich and diverse rain forests. Which is a much bigger issue for me and our planet, IMO.

I was gonna contact someone about this but I’m glad your company has been proactive once again in addressing the issue!

Keep up the great work!


Please please please don’t change them too much! I’ve been a big fan of both the chocolate and banana bars, but the vanilla ones did not agree with me. I think the maltitol was probably the main culprit, but I can’t be completely sure. The GI effects were unpleasant, and they were too sweet to feel like a real meal. The vanilla bars were NOT an improvement.

The vanilla bars were NOT an improvement.

For me the vanilla bar is the best product provided by the Jimmyjoy guys :slight_smile:

Not having palm oil is definitively an improvement.

That is true. But they mentioned making the other bars more like the vanilla bars. My gastrointestinal tract was massively displeased after eating a vanilla bar. Removing the palm oil is fine, just not adding ingredients that will have me on the toilet for hours at a time. That was not fun.

I haven’t tried the vanilla bars, they didn’t have stock last time I ordered. But I have just placed a new order only of vanilla bars, I really hope they don’t mess with my guts, or I’m gonna have a lot of bars and no idea what to do with them.

If you happen to not like them (I doubt it!) you can always return them to us and receive a refund.

@maggiedoll we won’t make the bars more like the vanilla bars, we just want to improve the recipe- we’re not sure yet what this would mean exactly.