Anyone have a recipe for 'home-made' Plenny Bars?

Got a whole lot of powder to mess around with so was wondering if anyone here has some recipes that make something similar to Plenny Bars? :grinning:

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Hahaha, that sounds like heaven to us :wink:
We do not have any recipes we can help you with for making Bars out of it so looking forward to seeing the reactions on this from others.

We do have some nice ones gathered here for making special smoothies, brownies and even pancakes with the powder: Jimmy Joy - Plenny Shake Recipes

I hope you can get some inspiration from those and please share with us the results of your project :green_heart:

I’ve been thinking about this as well…
What are your “rules” for your homemade Plenny Bars? E.g. can they be baked in the oven? Is there a minimum percentage of plenny shake powder you want to see in the recipe?
Can you add dried fruits or anything else to make things stick together? Or does the sugar content still need to be low.

I’ve been thinking about bars you can bake in the oven, but I kind of worry about the vitamin/mineral content getting partly destroyed. :frowning: I guess a multivitamin can compensate for that though.