Are shakers not free anymore with first order?

A friend recently introduced me to Jimmy Joy shakes and told me about how it has replaced a lot of his meals and he feels better than ever before. Intrigued by his claim, I decided to find out more about the company and the products. One thing he also mentioned is that you receive a free shaker on your very first order. However, as I was looking through the products and the ordering system, I noticed that shakers seem to cost 2.5 euros now.
When and why has this changed?

I ordered my bags 15 days ago for the first time and I did get a free shaker and a free scoop. I think the cost gets deducted from your bill during the payment (you will not have an additionnal cost for the shaker)

Hi there!

I just did my first order, and can totally confirm what @Shuny mentioned - when the shaker is in your cart, it shows up as costing €2.50, but then if you go to check out you’ll see the system adds a discount for that same amount to your order automatically. :money_mouth:

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Yep, it works like @canadiansnorlax mentioned! It seems like you’ll be charged, but a discount should be applied when you check out.

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Sorry for the massively late reply.
I understand now and you guys were right, I am not charged after all.

Ah, no problem, that’s great to hear! :slight_smile: