Are the old customer login accounts gone?

The site does mention it’s been rebuilt, but doesn’t seem to say anything about whether old customers should create new accounts. Mine certainly doesn’t work anymore. It was nice to have a really low-friction way to see how much Jimmy Joy I’ve been consuming over time. Not a big deal, but it was nice.


I was not able to log in with my old account credentials, so i created a new one.

We are still working on the accounts. Once we have everything set up you will receive an e-mail to setup a new password.

Any news on this? I had to create new account to order new shakes.
Can you possibly transfer my order history (and maybe even assign time tokens for them)? :slight_smile:

Hi there! We sent out an instruction email a couple weeks ago, it should help you transfer your account to the new website. Unfortunately we were not able to transfer the order history, but I you send us an email at we will make sure to add points to your account! :smiley:

Hope this helps! :v:t3:


i will ask my colleagues from customer care to contact you and arrange the time tokens :slight_smile:

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