Question about time tokens

Hi! I wonder if its possible to see how you earned the time tokens on your account, I can see a place where I clearly have done some activities and gotten the tokens for them. (on the page about tokens under ”ways to earn”)

But I am not sure that this is completely accurate. For example, it says I have not subscribed to the newsletter… I assume that I am subscribed to it since i’ve been getting emails from the Jimmy Joy team, fairly often, with updates; But it doesn’t seem like I have gotten the time tokens for being subscribed yet as on that page that option is not greyed out, like the ones that I have for sure completed. (follow on instagram and facebook etc.)

I also wondered if you could clarify if the tokens for reviewing a product are per review, or if you only get them only once for your first review?

@customer_support if you could give some insight into this I would really appreciate it!


Since you are participating in another post about the same topic, I will close this one :slight_smile:

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