Time tokens


I would like to upgrade to the austronaut tier before my next order (to get the double amount of TT hehe), but i have a problem with getting time tokens that i was supposed to earn. I left two reviews (for plenny shakes and bars) which should’ve given me 300 TT but can’t see them neither in the review section nor my TT history. I have also tried (6 times!!!) subscribing to the newsletter to get 100 TT but never got the confirmation email nor the tokens (i still get the marketing emails from jj tho). I really don’t know what i’m doing wrong and would like to get some help on the issue.

And one more question - how do i add a 10EUR referral reward and a free plenny shake reward to my next subscription oder? It doesn’t seem very intuitive to me hehe.

Also! How is Lee doing? Have been following his journey on his forum thread, but there haven’t been any updates in 2 weeks. Is he okay?


Its nice to know i’m not the only one with questions about this.

For a moment I thought I was going crazy when I saw that I wasn’t getting the points for the newsletter. I actually recently posted with a question about this exact problem!

I hope that @customer_support is able to answer us and get the problem fixed asap.

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Haha i actually saw your post right after i posted mine. Im craving answers too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I have never been able to get the points for the newsletter or the review, so I believe it is a long-time ago bug :sweat_smile:


Oh wow… this sounds sad. I still hope that customer support will be able to do something to help us.

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i’m going to try to tag some of the team now, as maybe that will help get their attention.

@Koningsbruggen @Tim @olivia @Laura.A
@magicalben @Anastasia

Not sure which one of the accounts is the right person to handle this, but i’m hopeful that by tagging them someone will see it and maybe we can get this issue fixed?

and some answers to the questions I posed in my post, which were:

Is there a place to see all the points we have earned, like what things earned what amount of points sorted by date?

and do you get points for each review you leave (on a separate product of course) or is it a one time thing?

I tried tagging customer service before (on this post and mine) And i’m positive that they are likely just busy and have not had the time to response.

But since you @pogloschenie are waiting to place an order to see if this can be fixed, maybe tagging some other Jimmy Joy team members, can get you some answers a little quicker. :slight_smile:

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I have some time till my next order, but thanks for tagging them!

And i have an answer to your question about your points history! It’s very unintuitive and i figured it out by accident, but hopefully this lil tutorial is gonna work for u - TT history - Album on Imgur


hi guys!
@pogloschenie great tutorial! :smiley: I hope this was helpul @kmyr1123.
The points accumulated over the full year are counted for upgrading the level on the 31st of December each year, so I am afraid @pogloschenie won’t be able to reach it now :frowning:
About the reviews, only the first review will get the TT. It is possible that in some cases the tokens are not added (correctly). When in doubt, just get in touch with us through the Live Chat or via love@jimmyjoy.com so we can have a look at the account and sort it for you :hugs:
For an overview of what you earned/used/have left, please get in touch with us as well, so we can send you a screenshot of this information directly and not on a public platform.
About the rewards, since these are for a subscription, we can add them for you (one per order).
And Lee is doing great! He will post soon, thanks for asking :green_heart:


Oh, i didn’t know about the 31st of december date thing! Thanks for clearing that out. And for all the answers!

Can’t find the live chat option, so imma send an email :^)