Can't find time tokens page

Hi, sorry to bother, but I can’t find the time tokens page, so I can’t see how many I have.
I’ve seen in some screenshots that there should be a raised button at the bottom right of the page, but in my case it doesn’t appear. I’m using Chrome.

Thank you very much! I’ve tried the Plenny Shake and it’s awesome!

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You need to allow a trillion of local and remote JavaScripts to use it. Quite unprofessional in my point if view. So check if you block anything.

Thank you for the reply. Sadly I have not found a solution. I checked that Chrome didn’t block anything on the site and I don’t use ad blocks. Maybe in the future I’ll try on another browser…

Apologies for the late response here! Could you please check in with our customer care team for this one if it’s not sorted in the meantime yet? You can reach them through the Live Chat button on the website (if you can see that one) or by email at, we will gladly assist.


Hi, still no button on Chrome. Luckily it works on Edge. Thanks!

Hi, still no button on Chrome. Luckily it works on Edge. Thanks!

Strange! For me it shows on Chrome on Desktop and Mobile :S
I had this checked by someone else as well, so there must be something in your Chrome browser blocking that script from running properly. I am glad you got to it with Edge as alternative, if you need any assistance, ever, feel free to check in with the customer care team for these things as well. :green_heart: