Bug On UK subscriptions

Trying to update and restart a subscription and the price keeps showing the wrong total for 2, when I change the quantity to another value and back again the number jumps up to, I guess, the correct amount, but then it isn’t clear if the price is in euros or pounds. As it shows with a euro sign on the left of the screen and a £ on the right.

Also there is no playback of the price I will be charged including shipping when I click “order now” all in all it’s too scary to use.

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@davefrom1981 Sorry for the late response here!
I would like to have this checked on the back-end, could you please reach out through the Live Chat or via love@jimmyjoy.com so we can further assist you with this and update the website where needed? Thanks in advance!

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It’s a shame it’s been a few weeks now and still this isn’t fixed, surely it’s a pretty severe bug with it being to do with what your users are paying. I sent a screenshot and explained the problem, what else do you need?

Honestly, I was awaiting your response on this to be able to check it with the account in front of me.
We have tried to reproduce this error and on our end it is showing with Euro’s only.
The platform is currently only equipped to handle the subscription prices in Euro.

If you could check it once again and let me know if you still see the same thing happening, I will forward it to our developers accordingly.

Thanks in advance! :green_heart: