Caffeine content

Can you tell us the exact amount of caffeine in the products with “added caffeine”?
Couldn’t find it in the nutritional values.

And just out of curiousity: What effect does l-theanine have? Similar or equal to caffeine? Is it also a stimulant that keeps one awake?

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After looking at the ingredients I actually found a hint - it seems to be 75mg per 300ml, which should be about 400 kcal - at least for the standard edition. Or did I get anything wrong?

Hi @marba!

In the Coffee Plenny Shake there are 25mg per 100ml of prepared product, so you were right! 75mg of caffeine per 300ml. About the Hazelnut Coffee Plenny bar, it has 90mg of caffeine.

On the other hand, L-theanine is utilized to improve mental function and reduce stress. It might improve memory and thinking skills, so it can help to stay focus for longer periods. Some research has shown that the combination of caffeine and theanine can help to reduce tension while increasing focus and attention. Sounds like a great duo! :dancing_men:

Thanks for your post.

If l-theanin was consumed without caffeine, would it have a caffeine-like effect? Would it be possible to have it in the evening without disturbing sleep quality?

If one wanted to limit the caffeine intake the shakes seem to be a better option; for 2000 kcal one would get 375mg caffeine, which is around the maximum amount that is recommended per day. As most people who like this flavour will have caffeineated drinks in addition I think that the caffeine content should be lower. At least I would really appreciate it.

@marba Well, theanine and caffeine are technically the same, but L-theanine has several beneficial effects in the brain, which give a relaxed state of mind. That is why you can drink a cup of tea in the evening. Some people cannot sleep after drinking coffee but some other people can. It depends on the sensitivity to the caffeine.

And about having the coffee shake AND coffee during the day, I feel you! Personally, I like to mix the chocolate with the coffee shake (one spoon of each, mocha style :wink:), then I am getting less caffeine and I can have an americano later in the afternoon. Thanks for your suggestion! It will be shared with our team.

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I’ve been effectively supplementing with l-theanine to improve quality of sleep during nights, and to help with relaxation and against brainfog during the day.

Despite researches showing that one does not build up a tolerance towards l-theanine, I have noticed a somewhat lessened effect over the course of weeks when taken regularly.

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When do you take L-theanine? In the morning or in the evening?

And btw: My suggestion is removing caffeine from all plenny shakes with the next edition (v4).

@marba There’s only Caffeine in the Coffee and Chai flavours. The rest is caffeine-free!

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I know, that is the problem. Please make ALL flavours caffeine-free.

Recently, I began to abuse coffee and I feel that serious problems will arise soon, but drinking 5-6 cups of coffee has become a habit for me and I cannot stop. I began to experiment and add various syrups and liqueurs to coffee. The taste changes a little,
but still these are coffee drinks that seriously affect the heart. Hazelnut coffee became my favorite, as it has a very unusual taste that makes me remember my childhood. My grandmother often cooked hazelnut pies and treated me to them. Perhaps I should see a doctor for appropriate treatment.

maybe you can try decaffeinated coffee? then you can keep on having the hazelnut coffee bar :slight_smile:

Why would you considder this a problem? Modern litterature uniformly reports moderate to high coffee intake to be associated with decreased mortality rate.

I thought it depends on the product…