Calories in suggested serving

So I know that the 2 scoops with 300ml is just a suggestion but the fact that it’s 400kcal suggests that 1200kcal a day is healthy?

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Not sure I understand what you mean, sorry… How does a 400 kcal meal suggest that 1200 kcal a day is healthy?

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Ah sorry for the confusion, if one meal is 400 kcal and 3 meals a day is the standard then surely that would be 1200?

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Your point is very interesting! Indeed, many people get just three meals a day. Many other people have two snacks in between their main meals. But this will depend on your needs and how much calories you have in each meal.
The nutritional information that is on the back of our products is based on a 2000kcal diet, which is the average adult intake. So this means that the average adult would need to take 5 Jimmy Joy meals to reach this target or to increase the size per meal (around 670kcal, 3 times/day).
With our products, you know exactly how many calories you take with each meal so you can be sure to obtain all the calories you want according to your daily target.

If you are not sure about it, you can get an estimate at There are many factors that will influence the daily caloric intake.

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