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Was part of the Soylent crowdfunding campaign 2013/14 — meal substituting ever since — and now I prefer Plenny to SL. :wink:

Too bad about that standardizing to the stupid 5-meal/day trend. (That’s gotta die.) JJ was one of the last complete meals I’m aware of that stuck to 3 square meals.

You should try Feed (https://feed.co), they are still based on 3 meals per day amounts (650 kcal per meal, except for the bars)

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Awesome, glad to have you aboard! We have various reasons to change our meal suggestion to 5 meals instead of 3. Just remember that it’s merely a suggestion, everyone is free to go for whichever mealsize they prefer!

Oh sure Otto, it’s just those of us have a hard enough time w/ the math!

Approx. 200kcal per scoop! Doesn’t get much easier than that, right? :slight_smile:

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