Can we stop with the "natural" commercial bullshit?


The message below is commercial greenwashing:

“Natural” isn’t better for environnement (or health). It is just essentialism. Furthermore, the rejection of GMO technology is a very bad idea for environnement. GMOs can make it possible to reduce the need for pesticides and other inputs, as well as tillage, and considerably increase productivity per hectare. This means a significant reduction in agricultural CO2 emissions, and more space for real biodiversity. And there is a reduction in micotoxin (a major factor in stomach cancer), so it is better for health also. I’m very tired of this anti-technology mumbo jumbo. I understand you can’t be proud of using GMO in the current climat of technology hostility in Europe, but if you can just stop to propagate this hostility, it will be helpful. If I choosed JimmyJoy initially, it is because you seemed more science based than others. May be I will have to reassess that.

Furthermore, this ideological hostility to technology and genetic application is currently directly linked with antivaccinalism. And I think we can nearly all know some people destroyed by that during the last years.


This is a huge bummer. I never read this anti-GMO nonsense from JJ. That was the reason I picked JJ over Huel to begin with!

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Good day,

Thank you for sharing that. This is an oversight by me, we are non-GMO because the EU is very anti (modern ways of) genetic enhancement and it just comes with the territory of us producing in Amsterdam.

Almost nothing we consume and use from the natural world is not modified by us in some way to make it better suitable for us. I went to a GMO fair at Wageningen University, one of the leading unis in this field, and it was basically scientists complaining that EU bureaucrats are hypocrites for allowing imprecise radiation based mutation but not CRISPr CAS9 type stuff which is more precise, cheaper, faster and safer as it has less (almost no) off target edits. Folks going back to basic and eating natural envision the tasty, beautiful, nutritiously rich highly modified modern and not the barely eatable natural originals of our fruits, grains and vegetables etc.

I also agree with your assessment that natural does not equal better perse. Nature can be pretty dangerous and immoral in general lol. Hunger, rape, disease, infection, etc are all perfectly natural.

We should not be anti GMO even though our products are non GMO. We had a discussion about that after this email internally as well.


You had me at posting!

CEO showing up to deny this stance speaks volumes about JJ. Im right back on the love/band-wagon :heart:


Super happy to see this response! This ethos is also a big reason I choose Jimmy Joy.


I totally agree with this.
Being anti-GMO is being anti-science.


We’re 100% with you on this.

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