Why aren’t more People drinking Plenny shake?

I mean, there are nearly no negative arguments.

It saves time,
It safes Money.
It tastes.
It look stil better than some Pizza from my nearest delivery-service.
If you dont like to drink, there are the new bars, and I think (and hope) theres coming more like the bars.
They deliver fast, you dont even have to go Shopping.
And the most important Argument is: It’s healthy.

I mean, what is wrong with it? Everyone should use or at least try it!

But people are voting for Trump too, so I guess thats normal…


Aw thank you! Great to hear you feel this way about our products :slight_smile:

I totally agree but you have to see that it’s “weird”.
People have aversion to being different from the norm thus drinking your meals in a shaker need to slowly be made an acceptable thing. Once people see it happen regularly and some people switch, more and more will want to at least try it once.
The best thing you can do is to do it in public or even go to lunch with your workmates with it and when they ask the inevitable questions about it be prepared to give good answers (time saving, nutrition) and reasons.

It took about one month at my workplace for it to go from “wtf are you doing some weird diet now?! Thats super unhealthy.” to “oh it’s normal he just does that”.

My friend and I also spent a good amount of effort in convincing friends and family. So far only his mother uses it for lunch which is great and she actually likes it. =)

Slow adherence to new habits is an healthy protection for society. We don’t have enough feedbacks on health risks in the long run (5 to 20 years) , particularly regarding the chemical additives contained in these meal powders (risk of digestive cancers for example).

What is new is not necessarily better. We are early adopters, we profits first but we are also the crash test dummies.

One reason some people don’t is an aversion to the market being so new. Another is because there are other, similar products, with different macro- and micronutrient profiles that some find more suitable for themselves.