Irresponsible to send unclean rvs measurespoon

Recently I received a measuring spoon with my latest delivery made from RVS, on it’s own a great development.

But what makes it “imo” very irresponsible is to send them uncleaned and straight from the factory with all the metal fine particles still covering it. It was extremely polluted with this dust. And if I did not have the presence of mind to expect this then it would have already been in my body right now.

And I’m willing to bet that many many people did not realize this and will have already been ingesting these particles.

Honestly not sure what to say about this because you’ve literally put a toxic substance into many peoples bodies and I find this very problematic especially as you claim to be a health focussed company.
This should have been caught beforehand, there is no excuse.

To be fair, you wouldnt use a mug or fork from the local hardware store without washing it first, would you?

Its a fair rule of thumb to always wash stuff like that yourself before using it :blush:

Well to be fair I wouldn’t use material from the hardware store to eat off of. Do you?
The hardware stores that we have don’t even have things for food consumption, they sell building materials.
This comparison does not work.

I don’t know any store that sells things for usage with food that are this dirty, people simply wouldn’t stand for it.

If you add a poluted item that is used for human consumption then it should be included that it needs to be washed before used. There’s plenty of things that are like this that do contain a notice that it should be cleaned before usage, it’s actually common and probably a required practice by law as well.
Take kitchen appliances for example they will always tell you to rinse before usage because they know there could be industrial pollution remaining.

So no your comment does not excuse this in my opinion.

Also my fingers were litterally covered in a silvery layer of dust when I swiped my finger through it, that’s negligence and shouldn’t be excused in the way you just tried to.

Alright, Ill go tell my hardware store to stop selling mugs, lol…

But yeah, your making a few assumptions about legislation, I suppose you’re prosecuting IKEA (since you think referring to a hardware store disqualifies the analogy) for not putting a notice on every pieces of kitchen equipment? Nah.

I see why you could be a little discontent, fair is fair, but you’re reacting quite disproportionately. Did you use the plastic scoops without washing them first!?

I feel like this is going nowhere.

A mug does not usually have the same level of pollution after production and people drink out of them and will naturally be more inclined to rinse them after they buy them.

Just because a hardware store sells mugs does not make it the same thing.
You are trying to undermine the point I was making for whatever reason.

I rinsed the plastic scoops before use as well in case of microplastic pollution (even if they are BPA free)
Prosecuting IKEA? what? huh ? seriously you’ve lost me here.

These notices are put in the manuals by the companies that produce them normally. Not by IKEA so maybe Jimmy joy can’t be expected to do the same. But because they are a company promoting health they should also make sure that the tools they provide are safe which they are trying to do and I recognize that.

They way you are talking seems to imply that it’s fine to not do a quality check on a product they ship out.
And that I’m not allowed to criticize it. You use the way I did that to undermine my point now.

You are using a type of phrasing with extra question marks and silly questions and even put in a lol for good measure.
I think we are done talking, you are not contributing anything other than trolling me and are trying to derail the point.


Hi @Juvator!

Thanks for your post first of all. In response to it we conducted an internal review of these scoops and any and all that were handled and checked in the last days were confirmed to be clean and not containing any dust on them when shipping.

It is always advisable to clean something you use for consumption as was already noted, but there should not have been anything on it as you described it, so apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I am afraid you may have had a one-off with this dust on it, or it may be contaminated during shipping for example.

For future reference, feel free to reach out to us directly as well through our Live Chat or via when you come across anything with your order, we will gladly check options based on the situation.